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Pack-A-Pull Ultralight Block and Tackle

(5 customer reviews)



  • Weighs 4 oz. and fits in the palm of your hand
  • Use with your favorite 7/64″ to 3/16″ cord/rope, shop our store for availability
  • Easily hang from tree limb or other high structure with supplied throw-bag
  • Recommended working load limit is 200 lbs.*
  • Reference cord manufacturer ratings for weight limitations

*200 lbs. WLL requires a main anchor line with a rating of at least 1100 lbs. tensile strength.  We use and highly recommend 7/64″ Samson Amsteel-Blue Dyneema cord rated at 1600 lbs. tensile strength.

General rule of thumb; WLL = 20% of tensile strength.

Available on backorder

The Pack-A-Pull Ultralight Block and Tackle utilizes one dual micro pulley and two single micro pulleys.  All of which are designed for quick attach.

Kit includes:

  • 1 Dual Micro Pulley
  • 2 Single Micro Pulleys
  • 1 Throw bag to get it up and over  tree limb or other high supporting structure
  • 1 Stuff sack to keep pulleys and cord conveniently organized in your pack
  • 1 Quick reference card for 2:1 hanging method (4:1 currently downloadable only)


Recommended Lifting line lengths: General estimates but each situation is different

  • Hanging with 2:1 – 2 sections of cord 3x +6ft longer than intended hanging height
    • For example, 10ft hang = 10×3+6=36ft
  • Hanging with 4:1 – 1 section of cord 5 to 6x longer than intended hanging height

Cord is sold separately so you can easily customize the type and length of cord for your application. We currently offer Mil-Spec 550 Paracord in Orange and Green Or go for ultimate strength and weight savings with 7/76″ Dyneema cord in Silver or Red.  Or use your own favorite cord with your Pack-A-Pull Block and Tackle

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in

5 reviews for Pack-A-Pull Ultralight Block and Tackle

  1. John S (verified owner)

    I’m a longtime backpack Mule Deer hunter. I used to skin half a buck at a time on the ground, but it’s getting harder on the back to bend over and it’s always hard to keep the meat clean and hair free. I much prefer hanging to skin then quarter, put sacks on and hang to cool. The Pack-a-Pull is extremely useful, and in the 4:1 setup, entirely doable for one person to hoist a buck to process for quartering and hanging cleanly, and then raise the quarters high enough to be out of reach of black bears and other scavengers. It is absolutely worth the weight to have the Pack-a-Pull on the hunt! The Dyneema lines don’t stretch and Roy’s splices are top-notch, with prompt responses and shipping. I intend to buy another for my hunting partner as a gift-it’s that good!

  2. Backcountry Junkie

    Light weight, small, handy, and very well built. Great for solo field processing, hanging your food high in bear country, or hanging elk/moose/deer quarters in the field. Also great for hoisting a deer to skin. Lot’s of uses for this little tool!

  3. Sully21066

    Such a great product! Allowed myself and step dad to get our meat up high for a multi trip pack out this year! Great price and weighs nothing for you ounce counters out there!
    Pretty impressive for such a small piece of equipment

  4. bdmcmillon

    This one of those products I have always been waiting for, but didn’t know I needed until I saw it! Have not had the opportunity to hang game yet, but it hoisted my 50lb food tote 18′ up into a tree with no problem. The system is so lightweight and compact, and I love that it comes with bags to hold everything including rope. Very well thought out and designed.

  5. Wapiti

    Wow, so light and small. Just what I needed for my backcountry group backpacking trips and elk hunts.

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