The Block and Tackle for Backcountry Enthusiasts

Pack-A-Pull UL Block and Tackle includes: 1 Dual Micro, 2 single Micro’s, 1 throw bag, 1 stuff sack and a quick reference card

Weighs 4 oz and fits in the palm of your hand

Trail weight with 100 ft of cord is approx. 10 oz.  Similar in size and weight as an extra T-shirt rolled up in your pack

200 lb working load limit (safety factor)

Can be used in 2:1 and 4:1 configurations

2:1: One set of hardware for 2 separate “hoists” with 2:1 mechanical advantage on each

Use 3 sections of cord (main line + two lifting lines)

We prefer 30-35 ft sections of cord (Good for most 8-10ft hanging situations)

4:1: One load with 4:1 mechanical advantage

Use 2 sections of cord (main line + one longer lifting line)

We like 35 ft mainline and 70ft lifting line for 4:1 config. (Less cord can be used for shorter distances)

Single Micro and Dual Micro pulleys can be used by themselves or combined in different configurations for your ultralight needs or custom application

Dual Micro Pulley with quick link weighs 1.94 ounces

Single Micro Pulley weighs 0.85 ounce

Made in USA with high quality domestic and imported materials

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Showing all 13 results