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Ultralight Block and Tackle and Micro Pulleys

Our UL Block and Tackle Weighs 4 oz and fits in the palm of your hand

Fits in palm of hand


2:1 Mechanical Advantage

2:1 configuration with 3 sections of cord (main line + two lifting lines) that work as Two Independent “hoists”, lift and lower one side (one load) at a time.

Group Food Hang
Bull Elk Hind Quarters

4:1 Mechanical Advantage

4:1 configuration with 2 sections of cord (main line + one longer lifting line) for lifting or moving heavier items

Rolling Bull Elk

Single and Dual Micro pulleys can be used individually or build your own unique configuration

Dual Micro Pulley 1.94 ounces (56g)
Single Micro Pulley 0.85 ounce (24g)

Made in USA with high quality domestic and imported materials