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Links to downloadable instructional quick reference cards at bottom of page

Pack-A-Pull ultra light block and tackle and micro pulleys are designed with backpackers and big game hunters in mind.  A full Block and tackle hardware Kit (with bags) only weighs 4 ounces and fits in the palm of your hand.  With 100ft of cord it packs down to about the size and weight of a T-shirt rolled up in your pack.  Now you can actually have a block and tackle in your pack when you need it.  

Or if you’re a grams counter, perhaps a single micro pulley by itself is for you. For 24 grams (0.85 ounce) you can add a pulley to your pack for hanging a food cache or game meat.


  • Weight
    • 4 ounces: Pack-A-Pull kit (1 Dual Micro, 2 single Micro’s, 1 throw bag and 1 stuff sack)
    • 1.94 ounces: Dual Micro Pulley with quick link
    • 0.85 ounce: Single Micro
  • Working Load Limit: 200 lbs
    • Reference cord manufacturer ratings for cord limitations
  • Cord compatibility: 7/64″ to 3/16″ diameter
    • See store for cord availability
  • Eliminates friction of rope over tree limb

Made in USA with high quality domestic and imported materials

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Universal Design

  • Hoist for hanging your food, gear or big game meat high off the ground
    • Light weight throw bag included for easily getting the rope over a tree limb without risking losing the hardware in the tree
  • Move heavy items on the ground such as your harvested Elk or Moose for field dressing
  • Stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance and long life
  • The Pack-A-Pull block and tackle kit can be used in 2:1 or 4:1 configurations
    • 2:1 mechanical advantage with two independent loads
      • Like having 2 hoists with a single set of hardware
      • Use 3 sections of cord (main line + two lifting lines)
      • 100 lb per “side” (x2 loads = 200 lbs)
    • 4:1 mechanical advantage with a single load
      • Use 2 sections of cord (main line + one longer lifting line)
  • The Single Micro and Dual Micro pulleys can be used by themselves or combined in different configurations for your ultralight needs or custom application
  • Tailor the cord type, size and length to fit your personal needs
  • Snatch block design for easy rigging without threading the cord through pulley’s
  • Trail weight with 100ft of cord is approx. 10 oz. 
    • Similar in size and weight as an extra T-shirt rolled up in your pack (in supplied stuff sack).

Made in USA with high quality domestic and imported materials


2:1 rigging for 2 independent loads

4:1 rigging for 1 load with 1 lifting line

4:1 Rigging with 2 lifting lines on 1 load

Safety Guidelines

Quick-Reference card

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In stock orders typically ship next business day but on occasion may take as long as 5 business days to ship.

Video above is from our successfully funded Kickstarter project.  The Pack-A-Pull featured in the video was a prototype with cosmetic differences from the production version today.  More videos here

Made in USA with high quality domestic and imported materials

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    1. Hi Nate, we use it to move game animals on the ground for short distances but not uphill for distance. The weight of the animal and friction of it dragging on the ground (especially up hill) would likely be a lot. This may not be the best solution to dragging very far, but certainly works great for moving game animals on the ground to get into better position for field dressing. Please feel free to email me if you have additional questions.
      Thank you, Roy

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